Technical Details

a).Source of water
Ground Water from 3 different bore wells.

b). TDS of Water:

Before processing of water (ie) TDS of Raw water = 450-600mg/L

After processing of water (ie) TDS of Product water = 60-63mg/L

The Raw water treatmentprocess done under "Reverse Osmosis"System,Which minimize the total dissolved solids in water.

c). Production Capacity per day:

Our Water production capacity is 50,000L/Day

d). Process Chart:

These are the Methods in which we are processing water for purifiation purpose.

e).Quality Test:

Basically chemical and Microbiological tests are important for the analysing of Product water to check contamination.

i). Microbiological analsis of product water (In- House Test)Daily Analysis:

Parameters Remarks
1.E.coil & Coliforms Nil in 250 ml of sample
2. Sulphite reducing anerobes Nil in 50 ml of sample
3.Preudomonas Aeruginosa Nil in 250 ml of sample
4.Aerobic Microbial count
A) 37 degree c for 24 hours
B) 22 degree c for 72 hours
limits : less than 20cfu/ml
limits : less    than 100cfu/ml
5. Yeast and mohld Nil in 250 ml of sample
* Raw water should be analysed once in 3month
* Self Life study of product water should be analysed once in a month.
* The above tests applicable for self and raw water analysis.

Outer lab test for Microbiological analysis of product water :
(Monthly Analysis)

According to the BIS Reference our product water has been sent for outer lab test to Sargam Metasl Pvt. Ltd. Chennai

Faecal Sreptococci in 250ml
staphylococcus in 250ml
Salmonella in 250 ml
Shigella in 250 ml

Vibrio cholerae in 250 ml
Vibrio Parahaemolyticus in 250 ml
Chemical Analysis of Product Water : In - House Test:
Four hours test
Montly Test
Daily test
Weekly Test
Once in 6 month test
2. Odour
3. Taste
4. Turbidity
5. Ph valuve
1. Phoenotic
2. Antimony tes
3. Taste
4. Turbidity
5. Ph valuve
1. TDS(Total
Dissolved solid)
2. Chloride
3. Sulphate
4. Alkalinity
5. Residual free
1. Barium
2. Copper
3. Iron
4. Manganes
5. Nitrate
6. Nitrite
7. Zinc
8. Aluminium
9. Calcium
7. Magesium
8. Anionic
active agent
9. Sulphide

Outer Lab Test:
Monthly test
1. Mineral Oil 2. Borates
Six Month Once
Toxic Substance  
Yearly Once
Pesticide residue  
Once in 2 year
Radio active residues  

Checking Process
* Visual Examination

* Smell Test

* Leakage test

Visual Examination

Examination of the cans for any stains, insects and dirts pesent inside and outside of the cans and caps.

Smell Test:

Washing the cans with hypo; draining it with finished water and checkup. Checking the cans for undersirable odour of chlorine.

Leakage Test:

The can should be thoroughly checked for leakage of water through any damage on pores on the can.

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